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  1. Swim Suit
  2. Shorts, Or Any Comfortable Beach wear
  3. Carry at least one or two caps to protect yourself from direct sunlight as it is too harsh in this region and good high SPF sunscreen lotions.
  4. Sunglasses
  5. A pair of Sleepers.
  6. Personal Toiletries /Umbrella/ Tissue Roll.
  7. Mobile phone with appropriate charger and sim card.
  8. If you are going for roaming please contact your service provider immediately and check 48 hours prior whether the needful is done.

Mandatory Documents to Carry

  1. Original passport with minimum 6 months validity from the date of tour arrival along with sufficient blank pages for the stamping of visa
  2. A valid Tourist Visa for the duration of the tour (For Bali Visa is On Arrival)
  3. Handwritten passport is not acceptable
  4. Two Photographs


  • Warm & humid with tropical rains, unexpected showers during the day
  • For detailed Information about weather kindly visit www.accuweather.com

Time Zone

          Bali’s time zone is Central Indonesia Time (GMT + 8 Hrs). Almost 2:30 Hrs. Ahead from Indian Time.


            The Currency Of Indonesia is RUPIAH. Usually marked IDR or Rp with its newest coin and bank notes.


           Rp 100, Rp 200, Rp 500, Rp 1000


             Rp 1000, Rp 2000, Rp 5000, Rp 10,000, Rp 20,000, Rp 50,000, Rp 100,000

Currency Exchange:

              Always count your Money Properly as the Currency numbers may be too overwhelming for some.

Dos and don’ts in Bali

  1. Always Exchange Money from Authorized Money Changer Only.
  2. Have plenty of drinking water or any kind of liquid (except alcohol)


  1. Personal and General Medicines.
  2. If you are on any medication, carry sufficient stock of the medicines with prescription.


           Batik Print Dresses, Jwellery etc.


“Travel Light”

  1.  Airline allow Cargo bags 25 kg per person (approx), Handbag 7 kg per person (approx). (It may vary Airline to Airline. Airline may change their rules and regulations at any time without informing guests or booking agent). For easy traveling we recommend you light luggage in stroller bag and we also suggest you to carry one pair of clothing in the handbag.
  2. Articles not allowed in Cabin Luggage (Hand Bag) – Toothpaste, Hair Oil, Gel, Cream, Shampoo, Hair Dryer, Razor, After Shave Lotion, Cosmetics, Liquors, Perfumes, Body sprays, Batteries, Tissues, Baby Napkins, any item in liquid forms like Drinking water, Honey, Pickles etc. But all the above articles can be carried in your check-in/cargo baggage.
  3. Complimentary dry snacks given by Women On Voyage a Division Of Feel India Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. should be kept in check-in/cargo bag.
  4.  Please do not keep any valuables in the check-in/cargo baggage.

 At Airport

  1. Flight seats are generally pre–allotted by airlines and Women On Voyage a Division Of Feel India Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. do not have any control on the same.
  2. You can request for a particular seat to the airport executive at the time of check-in.
  3. In flight services may vary from airline to airline.
  4.  If you can’t bare cold, it is advisable to carry sweater during the flight.
  5.   Meals provided in flight are as per flight schedules and flight rules.
  6.  Be at the airport 3 hrs. before the flight departure.
  7.  Please carry Original Passport as you will have to show the same at the time of check-in.
  8.  Due to security reasons airlines do not allow group check-in. Each Pax has to do individual check-in.
  9. The formalities at the airport are as follows:
  • Proceed to the respective airline counter, check-in your cargo bags, do tagging of your hand bag and collect your boarding pass.
  • Proceed for Security Check and Immigration Counter.
  •  Later proceed to departure gate and wait in the departure lounge. Board the flight on announcement.

In Flight Services

  1. Flight seats are generally pre–allotted by airlines and Women On Voyage a Division Of Feel India Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. do not have any control on the same.
  2. All the in flight services during the travel are as per the respective airline.

On Arrival Formalities

  1. Check all your belongings like hand bag , mobile phone etc. before leaving the aircraft.
  2. Proceed for Immigration Counter. After Clearance.
  3.  proceed to arrival/baggage collection sign.

Hotel Chek Inn, Stay and Safety Precautions

  1. “Hotel Check-in and Check-out Time is 15:00 PM & 10:00 AM.”
  2. Early check-in or late check-out are not possible.
  3. Hotel rooms are generally pre allotted by the hotel management. Tour Manager distributes the room keys on arrival at the hotel lobby.
  4. While distributing the rooms,Tour Manager will announce his/her room number to you in case on any emergency you can contact him/her.
  5. You have to identify and tag your bag with the allocated room number.
  6. Your larger bags will be sent to your room with the help of bell boys.
  7. We can not assure for Inter-connecting rooms facility.
  8. Mini Bar and Pay Channels are chargeable. Your rooms are generally equipped with mini bar, television with few pay channels. If you consume any of mini bar item or watch the pay channel, you have to settle your individual room bills at the time of check-out.
  9. Please take care of the room and hotel accessories. Any breakage, spoiling of carpet due to water spill over from bath tub, missing of items etc. will be charged to an individual and the bills of which have to be cleared at the time of check-out. Company is not responsible for the same.
  10. Do not keep your money, jewellery, passport or any valuables in your room, even in your locked bag.
  11. Swimming costume is compulsory at all swimming pools.
  12. Night gowns and night dresses are not allowed in dinning area, reception area or any of our group gathering. Please be in a proper casual or semi formal attire at all times.
  13. Group leader will always inform you about morning alarms, breakfast time, breakfast hall, departure time, day to day programme etc. please follow his/her  instructions to avoid all sorts of confusions.

Room Sharing

  1. “Women On Voyage a Division Of Feel India Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. do not recommend a partnership, still this is a facility given to single traveler for his/her convenience.” So please adhere following –
  2. Shared room is the facility available to a single traveler, kindly co–operate with each other and make the trip enjoyable.
  3. Once you get the partner for room sharing if suddenly due to any unavoidable circumstances if he/she get canceled then you will have to pay single occupancy charges.
  4. Once you get the partner for room sharing but later on if any of your relative joins; and your first partner do not get any other partner for room sharing, in such case you will have to stay on TRIPLE sharing.
  5. Please take care of your own belongings.
  6. Shared rooms have NO SMOKING policy.
  7. Any misunderstandings or incidence like missing items or difference of opinion between each other will have to be settle amongst yourself. Tour Manager will not interfere in the same.
Coach/Bus Seating
Seat numbers are allotted on the booking priority basis.There is a strict “no smoking”, “no alcohol” and “no eating” policy in the travel mode. Company advises the tourists to carry the valuable items with them when they leave the travel mode. All baggage and personal effects are at all times and in all circumstances the responsibility of the Tourist. The Company shall not be in any manner responsible or liable in case of loss of any items of the tourist. Any damages caused by the Tourist to the bus/coach and or any other travel mode during the tour shall be reimbursed by the Tourist to the concerned independent contractor and Company will not be liable for the same.

Sightseeing Timing Precautions

  1. “Be Punctual”, Be on time always as we have to follow the schedule of the day and the sight seeing timings.
  2. Listen to the information given by the Tour Manager or local guide time to time to avoid any confusions.
  3. Be with the group always, follow Tour Manager.
  4. Use digital cameras, keep extra batteries and memory card. Always charge your cameras at night to avoid low battery scenario at the important sightseeing place.
  5. Don’t leave your hand bag/camera/valuables unattended at any time or even avoid giving your purses/camera/valuables to anybody while visiting washrooms or taking photographs.
  6. Please retain the sight seeing/show tickets given to you untill the Sight seeing/show gets over.
  7. If you are leaving in between from any of the sightseeing programme please inform the Tour Manager as to avoid missing tag on you.
  8. At few places of sight seeing we provide extra toppings like ice cream, tea coffee, soft drink etc. please be with the group and enjoy the same.
  9. We recommend to use good quality sport shoes for the tour or for the full day sightseeing when lot of walking is involved, avoid high heel sandals.
  10. Always carry water bottle, drink lot of water during the day to avoid exertion.
  11. Do not carry heavy bags while you are on sight seeing tour. Use shoulder bags or rucksack so as to keep both the hands free, for kids we suggest to carry small haversack.
  12. Let all the members have some cash with them at all times so in case of emergency it can be used.
  13. All members should carry Tour Manager’s mobile number, hotel contact details, tour programme, Feel India office as well as emergency contact number.
  14. You can have individual programme if time permits or you can let go any of the schedule programme and do your individual program after consulting / informing the Tour Manager.
  15. In case of long journeys, enroute lunch and evening tea/coffee is served in a restaurant.
  16. Sightseeing inclusions are as per the tour duration and the price of the tour.
  17. Always ensure that you have paid for all the items and not a single thing is unknowingly left unpaid.