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Its capital, Kolkata is one of the largest and most developed cities in India. The vast majority of the people in West Bengal are the Bengalis. The other communities in the state are Sherpas, Gorkhas and Paharis, residing in the hilly regions of West Bengal. The mysterious land of West Bengal has many reasons to attract the tourists. The land of rich culture and heritage has a unique feature: it is the only state in India, which has historical sites , forests, beaches, snow-capped mountain ranges and rare wildlife. The state has an unmatched rich cultural treasure. Earlier known as Vanga, history of West Bengal dates back to the times of Gupta dynasty. The state has seen rise and falls of manydy nasties and rulers. Bengal came under Islamic rule starting in the 13th century, and developed into a wealthy centre of trade and industry under the Mughal Empire during the 16th century.

 Kolkatta – 3 Nights


 Unique Himalayas
06 NIGHT / 07 DAYS
2N Darjeeling – 1N Kalimpong – 3N Gangtok
Standard : INR 20,500
 Ganga Sagar  Sunder bans
 Kolkatta Sightseeing

West Bengal

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