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Diu : Daman and Diu are the two tiny union territories which were the Portuguese enclaves. Geographically, Daman and Diu are the part of the state of Gujarat and connected to the mainland of Gujarat by a causeway. Diu is a tiny island in the Arabian Sea, about 11 kms. long and 3 kms. wide, separated from the coast by a narrow channel running through the swamp and two tiny mainland enclaves.  The island’s main industries are fishing, tourism, booze and salt. This beautiful island has excellent golden beaches, whitewashed churches, bazaar, colourful Lisboa streets, gorgeous climate, huge Portuguese fort, lush seafood and Gujarati weekenders who flock for the cheap booze and sunshine.
 Vibrant of Gujarat
05 NIGHT / 06 DAYS
1N Sasan Gir – 1N Diu – 1N Dwarka
1N Jamnagar – 1N Ahmedabad
Standard : INR 19,900
 All of Gujarat
08 NIGHT / 09 DAYS
1N Sasangir – 1N Diu – 1N Dwarka
1N Jamnagar – 1N Bhuj
2N Raan ( Dhordo )  – 1N Ahmedabad
Standard : INR 40,700

#Diu Fort
Diu Fort is a very large and imposing structure, situated on the coast of the island.
This fort was constructed between 1535 and 1541 AD after the treaty signed between the Sultan of Gujarat and the Portuguese. The fort is surrounded by the sea on the three sides and a canal on the fourth side. The fort offers a magnificent view of sea. On the fort stands a giant structure which now houses a Light House and the Diu jail. The beam from the lighthouse reaches to about  32 kms. Several canons are still located on the top of the fort and peep out of the holes on the walls of this gigantic structure.

#Fortress of Panikota
Fortress of Panikota is a magnificent stone structure in the sea, built right at the mouth of the creek. This fortress can be reached only by a canoe or a motor launch. This fortress has a light house and small chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Sea. The fortress offers a very beautiful view whether seen from the jetty, from the Fort, from the village of Ghoghla or from Diu proper.
 Fortress of Panikota
 St. Paul's Church #St. Paul’s Church
St. Paul’s Church is dedicated to the Lady of Immaculate Conception.
This church was built during the 17th century and the most elaborate of all Portuguese churches in India. St. Paul’s Church was founded by Jesuits in 1600 and then rebuilt in 1807. Inside it is a great barn, filled with heavy dark wood, with a small cloister, next door. The main entrance of the church is adorned with volutes and shell-like motifs.
#St. Thomas Church
St. Thomas Church is a lovely simple building housing the Diu Museum.
There is a spooky, evocative collection of worn Catholic statues. Once a year, on 1 November, this is used for a packed out mass. There are also some remains of the Jain temple. There is a guest house upstairs and you can also climb the roof for amazing views.
 St. Thomas Church
 2_GangeshwarTemple9 #Gangeshwar Temple
Gangeshwar Temple is situated 3 kms away from the Diu town in Fudam village. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are five lingas which are located in the middle of the rocks on the seashore, and are washed by the waves of the sea. It is believed that these lingas were established here by the five Pandava brothers of the Mahabharata during their exile.

Diu Sightseeing

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