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 Indore : There are a number of places in Indore that should be visited while on a sightseeing tour of the city. Indore has a rich cultural heritage. The city was ruled over by some of the greatest rulers, who have given it their legacy in the form of various historical monuments and religious places. Today, the Indore city of Madhya Pradesh has a lot to offer to the people who come here on tours. The place is all set to fascinate you with the charm of its architectural grandeur and historical enigma.
Local Sightseeing for 10 Hrs in Indore Will Cover in the below sequence – Approx. 2000/- for a Car

  • Gomatgiri
  • Kanch Mandir
  • Rajwada – Their are many shops in city which remain open for full night so you can do the city tour till late night also.
  • Krishanpura Cenotaph
  • Lal Bagh Palace
  • Central Museum
  • Khajrana Ganesh Temple
  • Sarafa Market – which are popular for delicious and unique foot items.

Patal Pani is a beautiful water falls, a famous picnic spot. The water falls height is approximate 300 feet. The depth of water kund (pit) formed at the bottom of the falls remains unknown. According to folklore, it goes as deep as the underground world (patal). The spot is also famous for trekking. The fall goes almost dry in the summer season, and the stream is reduced to a trickle! However, the sight is majestic soon after the rainy season (usually after July). Situation: It is situated on Indore – Khandwa train route; By road surface it is 30kms from Indore.

Sitlamata Fall is one of the famous water fall near Indore, around 60 kms from the main Indore city. Beautiful water fall, greenary, peace & manpur local market with lots of fun.

 Indore-Tincha Falls

Tincha Falls is a beautiful Waterfall near village Tincha [on Simrol-Udainagar Road]. The gorge is a beautiful sight in rainy season.
About 25 km from Indore,Tincha Falls, is an ideal weekend getaway. The water drips from a height of about 300 ft (?) and it facilitates for bathing in the river upstream. There is a pond nearby, which enhances the beauty of the place.
Located at Tincha village in Indore District, the falls can be accessed by traveling on the Indore- Khandwa road.Upon reaching Simrol one has to turn left and take the Simrol-Udainagar Road.

The place on Agra- Mumbai Road Around 35 Kms. from Indore towards Mumbai, is the starting point of track to Janapav Hill(lord Parshuram birth place). from the right of KUTI VILLEGE a road goes in, to a villege named HASALPUR… which is famous for their MITHE BALAJI TAMPLE. AND HAVIN A 200 year old “BAVDI” of {THAKURSAHEB.SHRI TIKAM SINGH CHOUHAN}. This palace is famous for Photography. JANAPAV KUTI is totally covered by clouds in rainly season  Indore-JANAPAV KUTI

Yashwant Sagar Dam is constructed on Gambhir River and is the raw water source for Devdharan WTP, which is at about 8 km from the source. Gambhir River is not perennial and storage of water in the dam depends on monsoon. Emple water with road connectivity peacefull place

The Vibrancy of Nature
The Choral Dam is around 52 km from Indore and about 41 km from Pithampur Industrial Area. It is dominated by hillocks which are home to various kind of birds and small animals.
One of the most amazing sights that one can witness from this area is that of the sunrise. The rising sun against the backdrop of hills and the river below make it very picturesque. Once you get an opportunity to see the sun spreading its golden rays in every direction as it rises above the hills of the area, it will certainly stay with you for a lifetime.
The Choral river that passes through the valley and is the source of water for the dam has made the area green with life. There are many waterfalls in the nearby areas where one can go for a small excursion or simply to be amidst nature.

 Indore-Choral Dam
 kajligarh fort #Kajligarh
If you are looking to grab a joint( and I mean a real one), in Indore or just hangout with friends, Kajligarh is the place to be. Located in Simrol @ Khandwa road, Kajligarh has been named after the temple of Kajligarh Mahadev, which is a shiva temple located in the premises of a group forts that surrounds the place.
The place is a host to natural beauty and boasts creatures like the peacock, hyena etc. to say the least. However, to get a glimpse of these creatures you will have to go to the last fort, which is kind of like a broken gateway and trek your way downhill from over there.
#Jogi Bhadak
Jogi Bhadak waterfall is located near Manpur village in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. There are several seasonal waterfalls around Indore which come to life during the monsoon months. With an average height of around 200-400 feet, these waterfalls can be reached by a short hike of a few kilometers from the roads. With increasing local tourism, people tend to litter around these gems which spoils the essential character and natural beauty of the places.You have to do 4 KM tracking from “Dhal Gram Base Camp” to reach this water fall. You can take a look from top of fall (400 feet) if you will go with revere till 1.5 KM.
 Jogi bhadak
 Bamniya Kund #Bamniya Kund
The fascinating Bamniya Kund is situated at Mangaliya road about 50 Km away from Indore. The site has a beautiful campsite and a cascade. This is the ideal place, If you want to spend time in the closeness of nature. You can see the green forest surrounded it,it’s a scenic place. To reach there, You have to go to the nearest village Badgonda and then turn left towards Nakheri Dam
#Hatyari Khoh
Hatyari Khoh which is also known as the “Killer Gorge”, is situated near Dev Guradia, at Kampel Village around 33km away from Indore. It has very deepest trench, here trekking is very diffcult and ropes are needed for it. The entire area is so mesmerizing which makes it a Picturesque location. Rains make the place more beautiful but dangerous at. the same time.
 Hatyari Khoh
 gidiya-kho #Gidiya Khoh
The Splendid Gidiya khoh is located on Indore – Nemawar road around 42km away from Indore. It is a stunning combination of man and nature. The entire area is a picture perfect as it is surrounded by a losh green valley. The height
of waterfall is 600 feet, the falling from such height make it look foggy cascade. To reach there you first have to go to double chowki from there it is 9 km away. From there moves towards Shivni Village.The beauty of place make you spell bound.
#Mohadi Fall
It is a three stage waterfall, Surrounded by lush green nature which can be an ideal picnic spot in Indore district. It lies on the Indore – Khandwa road about 30km from indore and just 05 km ahead of Tincha falls. The natural beauty allures the visitor.
 Mohadi Fall

Sightseeing Near Indore

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