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Keylong : Keylong, also known as Kyelong or Kyelang, is the district headquarters of Lahaul and Spiti district of the state of Himachal Pradesh. This place is a fancy land of monasteries and Buddhism. Keylong is at an altitude of 3440metres on the Manali – Leh Highway. The place is cut off from the rest of the world as heavy snowfalls in the Rohtang pass, cuts out all road transport from the end of October to mid-May.
 The Highlands of Himachal
07 NIGHT / 08 DAYS
1N Mandi – 1N Manali – Rohatang Pass
2N Keylong – 2N Manali – 1N Chandigarh
Standard : INR 27,900
 Manali – Laddakh – Kashmir ( laddakh Road Trip )
10 NIGHT / 11 DAYS
1N Manali – 1N Sarchu – 4N Leh
1N Pangong – 1N Nubra – 1N Kargil – 1N Srinagar
Standard : INR 55,900

#The Khardang Monastery
The Khardang Monastery or Khardang Gompa reflects the traditional culture and art of the region. Located at an altitude of 3500m, the monastery gives a picturesque view of the natural surrounding region. The building also has a library where one can find Buddhist literature, as well as Kangyur and Tangyur scriptures. Thankas and musical instruments like drums, horns as well as huge statues of the Lord Buddha are considered as the main attractions of the monastery.

#Shashur Gompa monastery
Shashur Gompa monastery is dedicated to a Zanskari Lama. Chortens, bells, conventional paintings and flags make the monastery appear even more beautiful. Devil dance is performed by the colorfully dressed monks during the month of June-July.
Shashur Gompa monastery
 tayul-monestary2 #Tayul monastery
Tayul monastery namely Tayul Gompa is assumed as the oldest monastery in the Northern region. The monastery is standing tall in the midst the mighty mountains. Interesting fables are associated behind the founding of the monastery. Once, Lama Serzang Rinchen of Khan Region in Tibet spotted this monastery when he was walking on and around the sacred Drilburi Peak. While walking on the peak, he spotted a small glade in the juniper forest. He showed the same to his pilgrimages, later he concluded that the place is an auspicious site to build a monastery and decided to name it as ‘Tayul’ which in Tibetan language means chosen place. Built in 17th century, the monastery is home to the Drugpa or Red Hat Sect of Buddhist monks.
#Guru Ghantal Monastery
Guru Ghantal Monastery. The monastery, also known by the name of the Trilokinath Temple, was founded by Guru Padmasambhava. The monastery is associated with the Drukpa order and is made of wood. Within, an image of ‘Boddhisatva Avalokiteshwara’ dominates. The white marble head of the monastery was installed by Padmasambhava himself, however it is now kept in safe custody so that it is not stolen away. Also, to be seen in this monastery are idols of Guru Padma Sambhava, Brijeshwari Devi and several other lamas.
Strange, but it is a fact that the monastery houses a black stone image of Hindu goddess Kali in its innermost chamber. This strengthens the belief that before being converted into a Buddhist religious place the monastery was a temple.
 Guru Ghantal Monastery
 trilok nath temple #Triloknath Temple
This is holy shrine is revered equally by Hindus and the Buddhists. Hindus consider Triloknath  deity as ‘Lard Shiva’  while the Buddhists consider the deity as ‘ Arya Avalokiteshwar ‘ Tibetan language speaking people called  him as ‘Garja Fagspa‘.This holy  shrine is so important that is it is considered as most scarred pilgrim thirth  next only to  kailash and  Mansarover . The uniqueness of   the temple lies in the fact that it  is the only temple in the whole world
where both Hindu and Buddhists  pay their reverence to the same deity . The temple is situated in the panoramic Chandra Bhaga valley to the western Himalayas . It is highly spiritual place where one gets the  spiritual  blessing of the lord of three universes i.e. Shri Triloknath jee by visit having this Darshan and offering ones prayers.

Keylong Sightseeing

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