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21941-Mr Anish Saluja 08 Nights/ 09 Days
Azerbaijan (The Land of Fire) –  05Nts Baku+ 02Nts Gabala+ 01Nt Sheki 02 Adults
Day 01                       Delhi – WELCOME TO BAKU + PANORAMIC TOUR
Arrival at Airport. Transfer from Airport to Hotel Accommodation in hotel. Free time 17:00 Assembly at lobby. Start tour. Visit toHighland Park-Alley of Martyrs, The National Assembly- also transliterated as Milli Majlis, Flame towers-the tallest skyscraper in Baku. Walking through Baku Boulevardwhich stretches along a south-facing bay on the Caspian Sea. It traditionally starts at Freedom Square continuing west to the Old City and beyond. Since 2012, the Yeni Bulvar (New Boulevard) has virtually doubled the length to 3.75 km. – can explore night activities at you own Overnight in hotel
Day 02                       Baku City Tour
Breakfast in Hotel 10:00 Our tour program starts with Old City or Inner City is the historical core of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. The Old City is the most ancient part of Baku, which is surrounded by walls were well protected. In 2007, the Old City had a population of about 3000 people. In December 2000, the Old City of Baku, including the Palace of the Shirvanshahs and Maiden Tower, became the first location in Azerbaijan to be classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO(walking tour)
14:00 Later experience the happening street of Nizami Street known for Shopping. The Street’s history could be traced back to Baku’s town-planning project of 1864. The street runs through the city’s downtown from west to east. It begins from Abdulla Shaig Street, in mountainous part of the city and ends at railroad bed on Sabit Orujov Street, near a monument to Shah Ismail Khatai in “Black City”.
17:30 Tour continues with the visit to the charming example of modern architecture – The Heydar Aliyev Center– a 57,500 m2 building complex in Baku, Azerbaijan designed by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid and noted for its distinctive architecture and flowing, curved style that eschews sharp angles. The center is named after Heydar Aliyev, the first secretary of Soviet Azerbaijan from 1969 to 1982, and president of Azerbaijan Republic from October 1993 to October 2003. (Photo shoot outside) Free time – can explore night activities at you own Overnight in hotel
Day 03                       Baku – Absheron Tour
Breakfast in Hotel 10:00 Assembly at hotel lobby. Tour starts with Ateshgah(Fire Worshippers Temple) Based on Persian and Indian inscriptions, the temple was used as a Hindu and Zoroastrian place of worship. “Atash” is the Persian word for fire. The pentagonal complex, which has a courtyard surrounded by cells for monks and a tetra pillar-altar in the middle, was built during the 17th and 18th centuries. It was abandoned in the late 19th century, probably due to the dwindling of the Indian population in the area. The natural “eternal flame” went out in 1969, after nearly a century of exploitation of petroleum and gas in the area, but is now lit by gas piped from the nearby city Trip to “Fire Mountain “-“Yanardag” -a mountain on Abs heron peninsula, 25 km from north of Baku.Literally, word “Yanardag” means “Blazing Mountain”. Blazing bodies of flame dance on stones and floor. Yanar dag is a natural gas fire which blazes continuously on a hillside on the Absheron Peninsula on the Caspian Sea near Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, which itself is known as the “land of fire.” Tour continues with a visit to Bibi-Heybat Mosque which is a historical mosque in Baku, Azerbaijan. The existing structure, built in the 1990s, is a recreation of the mosque with the same name built in the 13th century by Shirvanshah Farrukhzad II Ibn Ahsitan II, which was completely destroyed by the Bolsheviks in 1936. The Bibi-Heybat Mosque includes the tomb of Ukeyma Khanum (a descendant of The Islamic Prophet Muhammad), and today is the spiritual center for the Muslims of the region and one of the major monuments of Islamic architecture in Azerbaijan – Free time – can explore night activities at you own Overnight in hotel
Day 04                       Baku– Gobustan museum tour & Mud Volcanos
After breakfast,  Leave for Gobustan museum tour & Mud Volcanos. Free time – can explore night activities at you own Overnight in hotel
Day 05                       Baku- Gabala Tour
Breakfast in Hotel check out from hotel.  Proceed to Departure to Gabalain the north-west of Azerbaijan The distance up to Baku 225 km (3hours) Tour In Gabala: Excursion in: Tufandaq”Winter-Summer Tourism Complexoffers cable car rides at any time of the year, skiing on the ski tracks of different difficulty level, ski training and ski school, catering service (cafe and restaurants), entertainment centres for kids, hotel and other services
Nohur Lake-It is located in Qabala, another region of Azerbaijan that one passes when travelling to Sheki. Lake is not on the way but if you go a bit deeper towards the mountains this beautiful view opens up in front of you. Free time – can explore night activities at you own Overnight in hotel
Day 06                       Gabala
After breakfast, leave for Gabala tour while staying at Gabala Free time – can explore night activities at you own Overnight in hotel
Day 07                       Gabala- Sheki
After breakfast, leave for Sheki tour Free time – can explore night activities at you own Overnight in hotel
Day 08                       Sheki- Baku
After breakfast, check out from hotel & Transfer Sheki-Baku. Car at disposal. Free time – can explore night activities at you own Overnight in hotel
Day 09                       Baku– Airport
After breakfast, check out from hotel. Transfer to airport for your onward journey.
Package Costing Details:  
 Details Deluxe Premium Luxury
Hotel+Package Cost 85,000*2 = 1,70,000/- For 02 Adults 88,000*2 = 1,76,000/- For 02 Adults 98,000*2 = 1,96,000/- For 02 Adults
Meal Plan Breakfast  
Hotel in Baku – 05 nts Hotel Atlas baku // or similar Hotel Grand Europe Baku // or similar Sapphire inn Hotel // or similar
Hotel in Gabala – 02 nts Gabala Garden hotel // or similar Gabala Garden hotel // or similar Gabala Garden hotel // or similar
Hotel in Sheki – 01 nts Sheki Palace hotel // or similar Sheki Palace hotel // or similar Sheki Palace hotel // or similar
No. of Rooms in Baku 02 Rooms
Total Billing Amount

1,70,000/-For 02 Adults

1,76,000/-For 02 Adults

1,96,000/-For 02 Adults

Hotels is DYNAMIC which is SUBJECT to Seat Availability there is no guarantee at the Time of Booking As of Now these fare are Available


  • 5 x Nights’ accommodation in Baku on BB Basis
  • 2 x Nights’ accommodation in Gabala on BB Basis
  • 1 x Nights’ accommodation in Sheki on BB Basis
  • Entrance fees: Fire Temple & Fire Mountain, Cable Car in Gabala(2 lines), Gobustan National Museum & Mud Volcanos, Sheki Khan palace, Kish albanian church
  • All transfers according to program including airport transfers: Sedan cum guide
  • English speaking guide(For group size up to 6 Pax a driver cum guide will be provided)
  • 2x bottles of 500 ml water per pax per day
  • Visa

Please Note:

  • Above quote is valid for 05 Working days.
  • 01 Pc Baggage per person is allowed. 
  • Guide is available from 0900 to 2100.
  • Transport is available only as per itinerary or tours.
  • Above mentioned prices are not applicable on black-out period (Novruz Festival, F1 Event, Cosmo Event, New Year Period or any other) 
  • Pls check availability before making the confirmation. We are not holding any rooms.


  • Flight tickets
  • 5% GST + 5% TCS extra
  • Anything not mentioned in inclusions.
  • Any meals not mentioned in the programme
  • Porter service.
  • Charges in hotels for additional services.
  • Insurance
  • Expenses of personal nature, mini bar in the room, laundry, telephone bills, tips, gratuities etc


  • The Hotel check-in time 14:00 PM and check-out time is 12:00 PM.
  • Transfer – Guide service working time is 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • In the restaurants duration for having meals is 1,5 Hours normal dinner and lunches
  • Outside liquor is not allowed in the restaurants. Corkage charge is – 30-40 USD per bottle
  • Meals should be eaten at the restaurant, we are not responsible for take aways.
  • The vehicle will move accordingly to time schedule mentioned on program. All group members should leave Hotel on given time in the program for starting tour in the morning and moving for dinners in the evenings.


  • Please note that at the border control in Azerbaijan foreigners are required to present a COVID-19 passport (a document confirming complete vaccination against COVID-19 )
  • Expire date of passport must be minimum 6 months
50% Advance at the time of holding
50 % 30 Days before Departure,

Non Refundable on cancellation once Booked.

Essential Phrases You’ll Need in Azerbaijan

Most people in Azerbaijan can’t speak English, which means you’ll need to know a phrase or two if you want to get away from the touristy areas. Russian is the second language and speaking a few words will go a long way when travelling in the Caucasus and Eastern Europe.

Basic greetings from saying hello to expressing gratitude are essential phrases in any language. Here are the most important ones in Azerbaijani.

Salam (Sah-lahm) / Hello

Every Azerbaijani will use Salam as a greeting from meeting friends to getting a ticket at the bus station.

He / Yox (Ha/Yok) – Yes / No

Informal ways to say yes and no. Or use the Russian Da or Nyet.

Sag ol (Sa-ol) / Thank You

No explanation needed here.

Buyur (Bu-yur) / You’re welcome

An informal way to say you’re welcome. You’ll hear this a lot after saying Sag ol.

Helekik (He-le-lich) / Goodbye

It’s always polite to say goodbye.


Tualet haradad0r (Tua-let ha-rad-da-dor) / Where’s the toilet?

What can be worse than not knowing tualet haradador when you need to use it really badly?


Duz gedin (duz ge-din) / Go Straight

You may hear this as you’re asking for directions or guiding the taxi driver back to your hotel.

Sola don (so-la don) / Saga don (Sa-ha don) – Turn left / Turn right

When combined with gestures, these are the most common phrases you’ll hear when asking for or giving directions.

Avtobus va qatar (Auto-Buss va Ga-tar) / Bus and Train

At the restaurant/bar

Dadlidir (Dod-lu-dur) / It’s delicious

Food in Azerbaijan mixes Caucasus, Persian, Turkish, and Russian flavours. The local cuisine is delicious and telling your friends, host or waiter their food tastes dadlidir will make their day.

Pivo (Pee-Vo) / Beer

The most important word you can learn for the bar!

At the market

Bu neceyedir? (Bu Neh-Cha-Ya-Dir) / How much is this?

Always ask the price of something before buying. If you’re not confident with numbers, bring a pen and paper. Ask the vendor to write the price.


Knowing the basic numbers up to 10 will be useful in lots of situations from asking the price to trying to find out what time the bus leaves.

Sifir (See-fir) / 0

Bir (Bi-er) / 1

Iki (i-chi) / 2

Uc (U-ch) / 3

Dord (Dir-d) / 4

Bes (Besh) / 5

Alti (Al-t) / 6

Yeddi (Yeh-de) / 7

Sekkiz (Sah-kiz) / 8

Doqquz (Doh-Kuz) / 9

On (on) / 10

Larger numbers

For 11 to 20, simply say 10 plus the number. For example, 17 is On yeddi. The same works for multiples of 10. Simply say the multiple followed by the single digit.

Making friends

Senin adin nedir? (Se-nin a-dun ne-dir) / What’s your name?

Azerbaijanis are some of the friendliest and most hospitable people in the world. And being a tourist in Baku, you’re likely to get curious looks. Meeting new people and making friends with a local is easy. Knowing how to ask their name should be a priority.

Menin adim Samdur (Me-nim A-dim Sam dur) / My name is Sam

Remember to substitute my name, Sam, for yourself and add the dur at the end.

Cox Sadam (Chuk sha-dam) / Nice to meet you.

This one is self-explanatory.

Necesen? Yaxsiyam (Na-tar-san / Yok-She arm) – How are you? / I’m Fine

Local people tend to be polite and well-mannered. You’ll almost always be asked how you’re doing if you know the person.

For everything else

Ingilisce / Rusca (In-gil–lis-ca/ Rus-ca) – English / Russian

Good to know how to say the name of these languages. Russian is the lingua franca, English is slowly becoming more popular.

Ingilisce danisa bilirsiniz? (In-gil-lis-ca dan-sha bil-ish-in-iz) / Do you speak English?

It’s good manners to ask in the local language if someone speaks English before diving into a conversation assuming they do. Most people outside the tourist industry won’t.

Buna basa dusmurem (Buna basha dush-mu-ram) / I don’t understand

This phrases will be invaluable. When you’re dealing with someone speaking endless streams of Azerbaijani or Russian, give a blank look and say buna basa dusmurem.

Men Azerbaycanca/ Rusca danisa bilmirem (Man … dan-sha bil-mir-am) – I can’t speak Azerbaijani / Russian well