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Popular Cruises in Indian Market 
1.  Genting Dream Cruise from Singapore :
The Cruise takes the guests to various destinations in Malaysia , Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam with combination of 2 Night, 3 Nights and 5 Nights Itineraries.
2. Royal Caribbean from Singapore :
Quantum of the Seas, Singapore sailings from 16th Nov 2019 to April 2020
Popular Island Trip in a 4 Night Cruise to Penang ( Malaysia ) and Phuket ( Thailand )
3. Jalesh Cruise from India :
with packages of 1 & 2 Nights from Mumbai and Goa it is popular cruise sailing in India. Best Cruises In India. … May we help you find your Unique Experiences.
4. Angriya Cruise : Angriya hosts musical parties, food events and much more. … As India’s first domestic cruise liner, Angriya has made many voyages on the Mumbai-Goa sea