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Khajjiar – What is generally referred to as the ‘mini Switzerland of India’ and ‘Gulmarg of Himachal Pradesh’, Khajjiar is nature’s bonanza to all its lovers. Once there, one can notice the rare combination of lake, pasture and forest all at one place. Located 23 Km from Dalhousie by road and 26 km from Chamba, Khajjiar flaunts the panoramic view of green pastures surrounded by dense pine and cedar forests. Placed 6400 feet above sea level, Khajjiar sits on a small plateau, which is full of pastoral beauty wooing the nature’s lovers at every step. The picturesque landscape that includes a small stream-fed lake in the middle, which is surrounded by weeds and the breathtaking vicinity, makes the atmosphere not pleasing to breathe in but electric too.
Our group with the tour escorts enjoyed there visit in Khajjiar, we will like to share some pictures for the same. Buses generally do not go to Khajjiar and one have to take a small cars to go to Khajjiar. For all packages visit our page of Himachal