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Indore : There are a number of places in Indore that should be visited while on a sightseeing tour of the city. Indore has a rich cultural heritage. The city was ruled over by some of the greatest rulers, who have given it their legacy in the form of various historical monuments and religious places. Today, the Indore city of Madhya Pradesh has a lot to offer to the people who come here on tours. The place is all set to fascinate you with the charm of its architectural grandeur and historical enigma.
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# Rajwada :

The structure comprises two parts, the first one located at the heart of the city and the second one standing in the old part of the town. Rajwada palace exhibits a blend of Maratha and Mughal styles, the palatial structure is sure to leave you spellbound. The entrance itself is beautiful with lofty archway and a giant wooden door covered with iron studs. As one makes his way through the entrance, one is greeted with a courtyard comprising Mughal arched Ganesha hall, a number of balconies with Mughal ornamentation, windows, and corridors, surrounded by galleried rooms. The lower three floors are made of stone and the upper floors are made of wood.

# Lal Bagh : 
Built between 1886 and 1921, Lal Bagh Palace is the finest building left by the Holkar dynasty. Replicas of the Buckingham Palace gates creak at the entrance to the 28-hectare garden, where, close to the palace, there’s a statue of Queen Victoria. The palace is dominated by European styles, with baroque and rococo dining rooms, an English library with leather armchairs, a Renaissance sitting room with ripped sofas and a Palladian queen’s bedroom
# Krihna Pura Chatri : 
Chhatris (cenotaphs) are the royal tombs of the erstwhile rulers of the Holker clan. These cenotaphs are placed on the banks of the beautiful river Khan, and these chhatris exhibit excellent architectural brilliance. A marvelous remnant of a glorious reign, the Chhatris survived the passage of time. The typical Maratha style architecture with domes and pyramidal spires, Chhatris allures the tourists with its historical enigma. When illuminated at night, the chhatris gleam brightly and it presents an eye-catching spectacle.
 Krishnapura Chhatris

# Khajrana ganesh Temple :

An important pilgrimage center, Khajrana Ganesh temple in Indore is a devotees delight. This temple, which is built by Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar is a crowd puller in the locality. It is believed that all the wishes will be fulfilled after praying here. Large numbers of devotees gather here on Wednesdays and Sundays to offer their reverence and prayers.

# Kanch Mandir : 

A temple made of mirrors, which arrests the attention of the spectator, Kanch Mandir in Indore is a flamboyant Jain Temple. Every nook and corner of this beautiful shrine is laid with glass. Also known as Seth Hukamchand Temple, Kanch Mandir exhibits an exquisite spectacle and a celebration in glass.

Kanch Mandir exhibits complicated patterns of glass paintings, which are painted with   utmost devotion. The paintings display unique talent and try to depict the various aspects of Jainism. The special glass chamber at the top of this remarkable shrine has a raised statue of Mahavira, which is having a multiplied effect. A splendid sight made of glass, which glitters with the grandeur of the sun, Kanch Mandir definitely has a breath taking effect on the spectator.

 nakhrali dhani

# Nakhrali Dhani : 

 Nakhrali Dhani are Rajasthani heritage resorts on the outskirts of Indore. These resorts are given the appearance of a Rajasthani village in India. The villages provide people the precise atmosphere of the village, along with the modern day facilities and entertainment. These villages are catching fast with the city people as well as the tourists who visit Indore. At nakhrali Dhani, people find respite from the busy schedules of daily life. The rustic Rajasthani spirit fills the environment with colours of joy.

nakhrali Dhani is a perfect place for family outing. If you want to entertain yourself, there are a plenty of options available for you here. You can enjoy camel rides, horse rides, bullock-cart rides, puppet shows, magic shows, monkey shows, etc here. Kids can have a ball traveling in the mini train. In addition to this, there are other attractions like car racing, boating, theme parks, Rajasthani dance (folk dance) performances, discotheque (a public dance hall), etc.

Indore Sightseeing

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