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Heartland of India

Madhya Pradesh, often called the “Heart of India” is a state located in the central India. Endowed with immense natural beauty and splendour, Madhya Pradesh is also famous for its wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, which are home to a rich variety of flora and fauna.

pachmarhi-view-1  On the Satpura
 05 Hotel Nights /06 Days
Indore – Omkareshwar – Mandu
Ujjain – Bhopal – Pachmari
Standard : INR 13,750
MP-Bandhavgarh-National-Park  India ka Dil Dekho
07 Hotel Nights /08 Days
Indore –  Ujjain –Bhopal
Pachmari – Kanha – Jabalpur
Standard : INR 21,000
Ujjain-Chaubis Khamba Temple  Malwa Darshan
 03Hotel Nights /04 Days
Ujjain – Omkareshwar – Indore
Standard : INR 9,500
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MP-Kanha_33_1407239531  High and Wild in Madhya Pradesh
05Hotel Nights /06 Days
Bhopal – Pachmari
Kanha – Jabalpur
Standard : INR 16,700
khajuraho     Mystique Madhya Pradesh
07Hotel Nights /08 Days
Indore –  Ujjain – Pachmari
Jabalpur – Khajuraho – Orcha
Standard : INR 21,900
Unknown MP
03 Hotel Nights /04 Days
2N Madai –  Tawa Dam – 1N Rata Pani
Standard : INR 11,900
A huge male tiger walking in the jungles of Bandhavgarh National Park, India  Tiger of M.P.
04 Hotel Nights /05 Days
Kanha – Bandhavgarh – Jabalpur
Standard : INR 15,800
Pachmarhi 241  Madhai and Pachmari Holiday
4Hotel Nights /5 Days
2N Madhai –  2N Pachmari
Standard : INR 14,850
MP-Pachmarhi Pachmari
03Hotel Nights /04 Days
Standard : INR 10,800
narmada-river Narmada Parikrama
12 NIGHT / 13 DAYS
MP-kanha-national-park-4 Sampurna Madhya Pradesh
14Hotel Nights /15 Days

3N Indore – 1N Sanchi – 1N Bhopal
2N Pachmari – 2N Kanha –1N Jabalpur
2N Khajuraho – 1N Orcha – 1N Gwalior 
Standard : INR 43,000
pachmarhi-tour2 Majestic Madhya Pradesh
08 NIGHT / 09 DAYS

1N Indore- 1N Maheshwar- 1N Ujjain1N Bhopal- 2N Pachmarhi
1N Kanha- 1N Jabalpur
MP-Bandhavgarh-National-Park India Ka Dil Dekha
08 NIGHT / 09 DAYS
Standard : INR 29,900 

( All Inclusive Group Tour Every Week )
Madhya Pradesh is a tourist paradise. With its incredible natural beauty, revered pilgrimage shrines, historical monuments, lavish palaces, rich culture and gracious hospitality, Madhya Pradesh tourism succeeds to allure a large number of domestic as well as international tourists every year. Madhya Pradesh is not only known for its architectural and living heritage but is also counted for natural attractions like wild life sanctuaries, national park, hill stations and beautiful landscape. In the past few years, Madhya Pradesh tourism has shown a phenomenal growth and has succeeded in carving a special place for itself as the must visit tourist destination in India.

Madhya Pradesh

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Visit Burhanpur ( Historical City Near Indore )

Baab-e-dakan : Burhanpur. Doorway to Deccan : BurhanpurOpen frame festival 2016, venice film festival 2016

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