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Omkareshwar : Omakreshwar is a Hindu temple dedicated to God Shiva. It is one of the 12 revered Jyotirlinga shrines of Shiva. It is on an island called Mandhata or Shivapuri in the Narmada river; the shape of the island is said to be like the Hindu ॐ symbol. There are two temples here, one to Omkareshwar (whose name means “Lord of Omkaara or the Lord of the Om Sound”) and one to Amareshwar (whose name means “Immortal lord” or “lord of the Immortals or Devas”). But as per the sloka on dwadash jyotirligam, Mamleshwar is the jyotirling, which is on other side of Narmada river.

 omkareshwar temple #Omkareshwar Temple

The temple of Omkareshwar is one of the most popular pilgrimage spots in India. Situated on Mandhata island (shaped like the holy “Om” sign), the temple is considered to be one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines of Lord Shiva. Omkareshwar temple is closely associated with Mammaleshwar temple, as both these temples are deemed as single form of Lord Shiva. The island, formed on the course way of river Narmada, is 20 km from Mortakka in Madhya Pradesh.

#Mamaleshwar temple
Mamaleshwar temple is a very old temple. After stepping down in Omkareshwar Bus stand, There is a straight road to Narmada river ghat. After taking a holy dip in Narmada river we have to climb some steps up to reach Mamaleshwar temple. The way is fully occupied by stalls selling Bilwa patras, flowers, and sweet packets used to offer to Lord Parameshwar.
Near temple you can see some Pandas, performing Pardhiva Shiva linga puja. They will do Sahasra linga puja, that is worshiping 1000 shiva lingas. This is famous in Omkareshwar. They plant 1000 shivalingas on a wooden board and perform puja.
Mamaleshwar temple is not a big one. There is a hall and a sanctum. Lord Shiva is present in the center of sanctum. We can touch Mamaleshwar jyotirling and do Abhishekam to Shiva by ourselves. Idol of Parvati mata is present on the backside of Shivaling in the wall. There are many small temples of Lord Shiva around main temple of Mamaleswar.
mamleshwar temple
 satmatrika-temples #Saptha Mathrukas Temple

Satmatrika Temple is situated at about 6 km from Omkar Mandhata Temple. It is a group of temples said to be of 10th Century.
Saptha Mathrukas are called Satmatrika. They are seven goddess of kind heartedness who is famous among Hindu goddesses. They are also known as Akkamma, Akkayamma and many names. They are Brahmi, Maheswari, Koumari, Varahi, Narasimhi, Indrani and Chamundi. Here you will see the group of temples of these seven goddesses. It is of religious importance. Very rarely you will come across such temples. For having gone to Omkareshwar make it convenient to visit this holy shrine.

#Kedareshwar Temple
The temple of Kedareshwar is located at the confluence of the Narmada and Kaveri rivers. The  Kedareshwar Temple was built in 11th century A.D. and is popular for its architecture.
 ghat omkareshwar1 #Fanase Ghat
Fanase Ghat in Omkareshwar is one of the many bathing ghats on the River Narmada.On normal days one can see hundreds of pilgrims and holy men taking a dip in the river and meditating. On special days like Holi, Purnima and Diwali the number swells to thousands. The river will be full of boats ferrying pilgrims in and out.Ghat is clean and safe to take bath with necessary arrangements. The Boating option is also available with great natural site seeing. a peaceful place to enjoy scenic beauty and feel the religious value



#Gauri Somnath Mandir

Temple, containing a gigantic six feet tall shivlinga, around which as the legend goes two grow up persons embracing it cannot reach their hands unless they are a internal uncle and nephew (Mama-Bhanja). The lingam though very old of a smooth black stone with shinning polish. There is a sitting Nandi(Scared bull) of similar stone outside. As per legend if anyone looked into it he would see the figure of his next birth.

 gauri somnath temple

omkareshwar Sightseeing

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