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Pokhara : Pokhara is the second largest city of Nepal, despite being a comparatively smaller valley than Kathmandu, additionally, the Annapurna Range with three out of the ten highest mountains in the world — Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I and Manaslu — are within approximately 15 – 35 miles as-the-crow-flies distance from the valley. Due to its proximity to the Annapurna mountain range, the city is also a base for trekkers undertaking the Annapurna Circuit through the ACAP region of the Annapurna ranges in the Himalayas.

   phewa-lake #Phewa Lake
The Phewa Lake which is the second-largest lake in Nepal is also the most important landmark of Pokhara. The Lakeside here covers almost half the eastern shores of the Phewa Lake. Most of the hotels, shopping malls and recreational centers are located here. A stroll along the shores of the lake is good enough to acquainted oneself with the place. Boating, fishing and swimming iare also sought after recreational activities in this beautiful lake.
#Devi’s Fall
Devi’s Fall is places to visit in Pokhara Nepal. Locally known as Patale Chhango, is an awesome waterfall lying about 2 km south -west of Pokhara airport on the highway to Tansen. The water is the drainage of the Phewa lake and submerge into the earth creating a wonderful waterfall and one of natural wonderful of the valley.
devi fall
 Gupteshwar-Mahadev #Gupteshor Guffa (Cave)

Gupteshor Guffa (Cave) is places to visit in Pokhara Nepal. A scared cave known as Gupteshor Guffa lies 2 km away from Pokhara airport on the Siddhartha Highway leading south west from the city. The entrance is right across Devi’s Fall and the cave is almost 3 km long. It has some big holds special value for Hindus since a phallic symbol of lord Shiva is preserved here in the condition it was discovered. List of places to visit in Pokhara, Nepal includes the Gupteshor Guffa.

#Bindya Basini temple

Bindya Basini temple is places to visit in Pokhara Nepal. Bindhya basini Temple is the center of religious activities in the old bazaar. It is dedicated to Goddess Bhagawati, another manifestation of Shakti. People offer sacrifice of animals on the belief that she will help them fulfill their desires and wishes.

 bindhyabasini temple

Pokhara Sightseeing

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