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About Swiss Travel Pass

Swiss Travel Pass is the ideal ticket to travel across Switzerland.

You can enjoy unlimited access by public train, bus, and boat to visit more than 41 cities, reach peaks of many mountains, and sail through beautiful lakes in Switzerland. You also benefit from free entrance to 500+ museums, discounted city tours, and access to private and scenic trains with a pre-requisite seat reservation.

Swiss Travel Pass allows children up to the age of 16 travel free of charge, just select Swiss Family Card when you check out. There are two broad types of Swiss Travel Pass: Continuous and Flexi, with an option to choose from 3, 4, 8, and 15 days. So, whether you are travelling alone or with family, Swiss Travel Pass is the most preferred option to experience Switzerland, while helping you save money in your journey.

E-Swiss Travel Pass Sample
The Swiss Travel Pass is a must-have for any traveler to Switzerland. Its an all-in-one pass that covers the public transport system of Switzerland. It allows the traveler to access all public trains, buses, boats and tram services all over the country. It also offers numerous other benefits on the mountain excursions and free entrance to over 500 museums.
The Swiss Travel Pass comes in either 1st or 2nd class and in 3,4,8 or 15 day versions. Youth under the age of 26 can benefit from a discounted fare and opt for the Swiss Travel Pass youth fare. Children under 16 whose parents hold a Swiss Travel Pass go Free on the Swiss Family Card. Other children who are not accompanied by parents can also benefit from a 50% discount on the Swiss Travel Pass.
You can use trains, buses and even lake ferries to reach any destination including popular cities like Montreux, Lausanne, Zermatt, Geneva, Bern, Basel, Zurich and Lucerne.
Just reach your station or bus terminal or pier and hop on to the next available train or bus or boat for your destination. Allow them to take you through the most picturesque sceneries to your dream destination. The Swiss Travel pass is the perfect partner whether you are looking to travel from town to town, or up to the mountains or off into the sunset on a cruise Hop on and off trains, buses and ferries at any time according to your wish for the day or time. You only have to remember that there are some scenic train and bus routes that require a mandatory reservation. It would be wise to check with the ticket office before you board any such transport with your Swiss Travel Pass.
If you are not looking to travel to a new destination but only within the town you are staying at, you can still use the Swiss Travel Pass to move around town on the local buses or trams. This way you can cover each of the towns and their attractions seamlessly with your Swiss Travel Pass Make the most of your The Swiss Travel Pass. It is jam packed with bonuses! Free public transportation, discounted city tours (check at the local tourism offices in each place or at the stations), free museum entrances, free boat trips and more are included in your pass.
The Swiss Travel Pass is not just for passengers who want to be constantly on the move. If you are one of those travellers who wants to spend time in each place and move places only after a few days, you can opt for the Swiss Travel Pass Flex which will allow you to use your days as and when you need them within a period of one month. So be it the adventurous, the avid or the leisure traveller, you will have the chance to make the most of your Swiss Travel
Don’t forget your Swiss Travel pass is the most family friendly pass ever! It allows your children under 6 years to travel absolutely FREE with the Swiss Family Card !

Types of Swiss Pass

There are 2 types of Swiss Travel Passes:

  • Continuous Swiss Travel Pass
    This is valid for 3, 4, 8 or 15 consecutive days.
  • The Swiss Travel Pass Flex
    This pass offers the same services and benefits as the Swiss Travel Pass but gives greater flexibility since it allows you to utilize the chosen number of days within a one month period.

Validity: Valid on 3, 4, 8 or 15 days within one month.
Both the above passes are available in 1st and 2nd class and also offer the youth pass option for travellers under 26 years of age.

Major Benefits

The Swiss Travel Pass is packed with benefits, some of which are listed below

  • Unlimited Free travel on all public buses, boats and trams and trains in over 90 cities
  • Free travel on panoramic trains (reservations may be needed)
  • Free admission to over 500 museums
  • Free mountain excursions: Rigi, Stoos and Stanserhorn
  • Up to 50% discount on other mountain excursions
  • Children under 16 years of age accompanied by at least one parent holding the Swiss Travel Pass travel for free with the free Swiss Family Card
  • Available in electronic version making it really simple
  • The Swiss Travel Pass turns out much cheaper than multiple single-journey tickets

How to choose your rail pass

Choosing the correct Swiss Travel Pass for your holiday is important. If you are in Switzerland for a short duration, it would be best to have a pass covering your entire stay. This way you will be able to use the pass on a daily basis for intercity and local public transport as well.
If you are staying for a relatively longer period and are sure you will not be travelling everyday. , then you may want to consider the Swiss Travel Pass Flex so that you can use it only for your intended days of travel.
Basic steps to identifying your pass would be

  • List your travel days and requirements
  • Find out the point to point sector fares for the same
  • Compare it to the cost of the available Swiss Travel Passes

What does the Swiss Travel Pass include

Your Swiss Travel Pass includes unlimited travel all the public boats, trains, trams and buses in 90 cities and towns in Switzerland. It also includes Free transport to some of the mountains and discounted travel on many others. The pass also allows Free entrance to over 500 museums in Switzerland.

Top free museums

The Switzerland Train pass allows Free entrance to almost 500 museums. Some of the more popular ones are the Open-air museum in Ballenberg, The Tinguely Museum in Basel, the Richard Wagner Museum in Lucerne and the Einstein Museum in Bern.

Free and Discounted attractions

The Swiss Travel Pass allows free travel to some really popular mountains. Travel to them for some amazing views over towns, lakes and nearby regions. Just show your Switzerland train pass at the base stations of these mountains and take the next available transport to the Peaks.

Free mountain excursions

  • Mount Rigi
  • Stanserhorn
  • Stoos

Top discounted mountains

No visit to Switzerland is complete without visiting the most popular mountains. There are many mountains in each region that you can visit. Your Swiss Travel Pass will allow you to avail of discounted fares to reach these peaks either by train, funicular or cable cars.
Some of the most popular mountain excursions and the places that you can reach them from are as follows :

  • Jungfraujoch, Interlaken
  • Mount Titlis, Lucerne
  • Mount Pilatus, Lucerne
  • Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, Zermatt
  • Gornergrat, Zermatt
  • Sunnegga Paradise, Montreux
  • Glacier 3000, Gstaad

Free boat cruises

Your Switzerland Rail Pass also covers the transport on some of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland. You just have to show your pass and hop on these cruises

  • Boat cruise on Lake Lucerne
  • Boat trip on Lake Geneva
  • Boat trip on Lake Brienz

There are also other lake cruises in Switzerland like the boat trip on the Rhine from Basel, on which you can use your Swiss Travel Pass and get a discount

How to use

The Swiss Travel Pass is super easy to use. Most passes are now electronic passes making it really easy. The Swiss Travel Pass is a pre validated pass. It is ready for travel once you have received and printed the same. The PDF file that you receive will have a code that train staff can scan from your smart phone. However, officially you need a printout too, which is why it is always good to carry an A4 sized printout of the pass with you at all times
Once your Switzerland Train Pass is valid, you can use it for the number of days you purchased it for. The time of start does not matter. The Swiss Travel Pass works on calendar days which means if you have purchased a 3 day continuous Swiss Travel Pass starting on the 5th of May, the pass will be valid till midnight on the 7th of May.
You do not need seat reservations for trains and buses in Switzerland. You can simply board with your Swiss Travel Pass. However there are exceptions like the panoramic trains like the Glacier Express which require a mandatory seat reservation at an extra cost. Seat reservations are not included in the pass.
If you are travelling to a mountain or using any other discounted service, you must keep in mind that one of your Swiss Travel Pass will be used that day. You will be requested to show your Swiss Train Pass and the purchased mountain voucher at the boarding point of such services

Physical and Electronic passes

The Swiss Travel Pass will most probably be an electronic pass. However there are certain passes which are still in physical format.
If you are using the physical form of the Switzerland Train Pass, you will be required to carry it with you at all times and show it to the checker on board the train, bus etc.. You must remember to take good care of these physical Train passes since there is no replacement or refund available for them in case of loss. The electronic Switzerland Rail Pass can be shown on your smart phone or as an A4 size print whenever requested for by the checker. Remember that you must also have your passport in hand incase it is asked for along with the Swiss Travel Pass.

Where is the Switzerland Travel Pass valid

Your Switzerland Travel Pass is valid throughout the country. Some of the most popular places that you can visit and stay at with your Swiss Train pass are
It is the industrial, financial, and cultural centre of the country and one of the most cosmopolitan and dynamic Swiss cities. Throughout the city centre, green space extends to the shores of Lake Zürich, which are lined by attractive public parks, and up to the slopes of Zürichberg.
Zürich’s lively and well-preserved Altstadt (Old Town), part of the city centre, boasts an architectural legacy including the Romanesque Grossmünster, built by Charlemagne in the 700s; the 13th-century St. Peter’s Church; and elegant guild houses and patrician residences, some of which are used as restaurants or for civic functions.
Among the must see places in Zurich are the Grossmünster, The Fraumunster, Uetliberg- Zurich;s own mountain, Zurich Lake and the famous Bahnofstrasse where you can see all the high end luxury shops and indulge in some retail therapy. Don’t forget your Swiss Travel Pass is valid on the tram network of the city making all these places very accessible to you.
Lucerne or Luzern as it is called, is divided into two parts by the Reuss River, which is crossed by seven bridges within the town. Lucerne has one of the most picturesque settings in Switzerland. The Spreuerbrücke (1407), which is now considered the oldest bridge, is roofed and decorated with 56 paintings including scenes from the Dance of Death from the early 17th century. Until its destruction by fire in 1993, the Kapellbrücke or the more popularly called Chapel Bridge, was the oldest bridge. The old town is distinguished by well-preserved 14th-century town walls with nine watchtowers, quaint alleys, and squares. It houses the old town hall, the historical museum, St. Peter’s Chapel, the Hofkirche, the Lion Monument and the Transport Museum.
You can use your Swiss Train Pass to cover the town using its buses and boat cruises. You can take one of the free boat cruises or opt for the Lucerne Dinner Cruise or the Saphir boat cruises both of which are discounted on the Switzerland Travel pass
Interlaken is a town in Central Switzerland in the Bernese Highlands. The town gets Its name from its position nestled between 2 lakes: Lake Brienz to the east and Thun to the west. It is one of Switzerland’s oldest and most frequented summer tourist resorts. The main attraction of this tiny town is its main avenue, the Höheweg, which is lined with numerous watch and jewellery shops, souvenir shops and hotels that range from modest hostels to luxury and boutique hotels. Interlaken commands a magnificent view of the Jungfrau to the south and is a starting point for many Alpine excursions. Closer to home it has the Harder Kulm which you can visit for a lovely snack and an amazing view over the town. Your Swiss Travel Pass allows you to travel on the buses and trains that connect this city and run between Interlaken ost (East) and West. Interlaken is also a perfect base if you want to stay for a few days and cover the rest of the country from there. In an around the town are other attractions like the Trummelbach falls, Giesbach Falls. The nearby towns of Thun, Brienz and Grindelwald are also a huge attraction. You can also take a boat cruise for free on the Lakes with your Swiss Travel Pass or else opt for the adrenaline pumping jet boat cruise (payable).
Zermatt, at the foothills of the mighty Matterhorn (14692 feet) is one of the most visited towns in Switzerland. It is a car free town and has only electric buses as public transport.It is as popular in summer as it is in winter. The town itself is at an elevation of 5,302 feet and commands some of the finest views in Switzerland and is also a popular centre for mountaineering and winter sports. Cableways are numerous, and the highest in Europe leads up the Klein-Matterhorn. Equipped with your Switzerland Train pass, you can visit one or more of the most popular mountain excursions: the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, the Gornergrat or the Rothorn Paradise. Your Swiss Travel pass allows you unlimited access on all of these peaks.
A town that offers it all, lakes, mountains and vineyards, Montreux offers a picture perfect landscape. It is the perfect base from which you can cover the full Geneva region including Geneva and Lausanne. Montreux and the nearby region has been immortalised by many celebrities. Freddy Mercury’s album cover for Made in Heaven is picturised here, Charlie Chaplin chose to spend the last 2 decades and more of his life in the region. Visit the Chillon Castle, walk the lake promenade, visit the casino and enjoy the unmatched beauty of this lakeside resort with your conveneient Swiss Travel pass. Take a boat cruise and reach Lausanne, visit the nearby cheese factory in Gruyeres or the buildings of the UN and the famous jet D’eau in Geneva. Your Switzerland Train Pass will allow you to get up close to all of the must-see places in the region
Lugano, the largest city in the Canton of Ticino is situated in the Southern Italian speaking belt.
Lugano lies in a bay on the northern side of Lake Lugano, surrounded by numerous mountains offering splendid viewpoints. Thanks to its mild climate, Lugano is a popular all round tourist destination.
Lugano is famous for its lake promenade with lush green vegetation, parks with sub- tropical plants and wood carvings.
It also has 2 mountains which make for nice excursions Monte San Salvatore and Monte Brè, give you an outstanding panorama of the town, Lake Lugano and the alpine scenery. From Monte Brè there is a walk down to the village of Brè, which has preserved its typical Ticino village centre, and enhanced it with works of art. From the San Salvatore another popular walk leads down through the beautifully situated Carona to Lake Lugano at Morcote. Taking a boat trip back to Lugano is a splendid way to round off the day. Other excursions are to the fishing village of Gandria, up the Monte San Giorgio or the Monte Generoso or to the Lilliput world of Switzerland in Miniature at Melide. All in all Lugano is a place to eat, chat and enjoy the mild Mediterranean atmosphere. The Swiss Travel Pass will help you to discover this regions. You can use it on the buses, boats and trams that connect the region

Scenic routes

Your Swiss Travel Pass allows you to travel on some of the most beautiful routes and trains that the country offers.
Sit back and prepare to be amazed!! You are aboard the Glacier Express, the slowest express train in the world!!
The panoramic journey on the Glacier Express through the Swiss Alps is one to remember. Start off in St. Moritz, the playground of the rich and famous and travel to Zermatt, the home to the world’s most photographed mountain, the Matterhorn.
This 8-hour journey takes you over 291 bridges and through 91 tunnels. Along with the eyes, feast your palate as well! Order the meal freshly prepared on board and served at your seat.
All you have to do now is learn more about the route through the Alps via headphone – making sure you don’t miss a single highlight.
To make the experience even more special, opt for the Glacier Express Excellence The new Excellence Class sets standards as high as the mountain peaks along the legendary route.
All you need to do to avail of this amazing journey is purchase a reservation for the segment needed and then use the same with your Switzerland Train pass
Glacier Express
Total journey time: 7.30 hours
Zermatt to St Moritz or vice versa
Along the way: Oberalp pass, Rhine Gorge, Landwasser viaduct
Go from snow- capped mountains to palm fringed lakes all in a day! Switzerland’s South is arguably the most stunning. It is also the melting pot of its various cultures and languages. Traverse through this enchanting wonderland of diverse landscapes through towns dotted with castles, lake rivieras and UNESCO World heritage sites on the unique Bernina Express journey via bus and train. Travel in Spring if you want to see the perfect combination of green valleys and lots of snow in the mountains. In winter, the section from St. Moritz to Tirano is especially worth it.
Book the most famous routes from St Moritz to Lugano via Tirano in Italy on this famous train and bus combination and make your holiday truly special
All you need to do to avail of this amazing journey is purchase a reservation for the segment needed and then use the same with your Switzerland Rail Pass
Average journey time: 4 hours
Chur / Davos / St Moritz to Tirano
Bus from Tirano to Lugano
Highlights: 196 bridges, 55 tunnels, UNESCO World Heritage site
A cross country journey like no other! The 3 train journeys that make up the amazing Golden Pass Line route takes you from the pristine Lake Geneva region, past the Bernese Oberland and into the historical heart of Switzerland. Taking off from Montreux say goodbye to the Mediterranean ambience and the views of Lake Geneva. In Zweisimmen, be prepared for a treat if you have booked early enough and are privileged enough to get the seats with the drivers eye view. Then sit back and relax on the Lucerne Interlaken Express which passes through amazing lake vistas and the Brunig pass before getting you into Lucerne
All you need to do to avail of this amazing journey is purchase a reservation for the segment needed and then use the same with your Switzerland Travel Pass
Journey time:
Total journey time: The entire route takes almost 5.5 hours.
Segments: Montreux to Zweisimmen, Zweisimmen to Interlaken, Interlaken to Lucerne
Highlight: VIP seats Montreux to Zweisimmen
Along the way: Gstaad, Château-d’Oex

Why To Buy Swiss Travel Pass

Unlimited Access.
Unforgettable Experiences.
  • Unlimited Access to Rail, Boat, and Bus in 90+ Towns and Cities
  • Free Entry at 500+ Museums
  • Up to 50% Discount on Many Mountain Excursions and Rail Travel
  • Children Entry Free

FAQs On Swiss Travel Pass

Q1. What is a Swiss Travel Pass?
A Swiss Travel Pass is a pass that allows you to access unlimited travel on a train, bus, boat, and tram across Switzerland’s public transport and provides up to 50% discounts on excursions.
Q2. Where can I use my Swiss Travel Pass?
You can use your Swiss Travel Pass in the whole Swiss Travel System: in all trains, Post buses, ships, buses and even trams.
Q3. How Can I book my Swiss Pass ?
Just Call on +91 9826443300, We will book Passes for You.
Q4. How can I validate my Swiss Travel Pass?
Effective 1st September 2015, the Swiss Travel Pass is a pre validated & closed dated pass.
The traveller will need to provide their first day of use of the pass while making the booking. This date will be printed on the pass.
Travelers must carry a valid passport in order to travel with this rail pass.
Q5. What is an adult pass?
A person aged above 26 years has to purchase an adult Swiss Travel Pass.
Q6. What is a youth pass?
A person aged between 16-25 years can purchase a youth Swiss Travel Pass.
Q7. Are there family passes?
The Swiss travel system offers the Swiss family card. This card provides free travel for children under 16 years when travelling with atleast one parent.
Q8. What is the difference between a Consecutive-day pass and a Flexi pass?
A consecutive-day pass provides unlimited rail travel on all days for the chosen duration of the pass. This pass is preferred by those who wish to travel every day during their stay in Switzerland. A flexi pass is valid for a specific number of days which can be used consecutively or non-consecutively within a longer period. This pass is preferred by those who wish to travel only on certain days during their stay in Switzerland.
Q9. Till what age can children travel free on the Swiss transport system?
Children under 16 years of age accompanied by at least one parent can travel free on the Swiss travel system. Children travelling without parents can still avail of a 50% discount on the Swiss travel pass.
Q10. Is reservation on trains compulsory if I have a Swiss Travel Pass?
Swiss Travel Pass is valid on trains operated by SBB (Schweizerische BundesBahn), the national railway company of Switzerland. For domestic trains operated in Switzerland, seat reservations are not required. Exceptions are the special scenic trains such as Bernina Express, Glacier Express, Golden Pass and Wilhelm Tell Express. For these trains, a supplement and/or seat reservation is required for Swiss Travel Pass holders.
Q11. What is the cancellation charge if I am unable to use my Swiss Travel Pass?

  • 15% cancellation charge applies to totally unused passes cancelled 3 working days prior to the first date of validity on the pass.
  • Once the pass has been cancelled the passenger will not be able to use it.
  • After the first day of validity the pass is non-refundable.
  • If the passenger is already in Switzerland then the pass must be stamped as unused prior to the first day of validity and then returned to the point of purchase.

Q12. Can Mountain excursions be bought along with the Swiss Travel Pass?
Yes, you can surely buy the mountain excursions online with the Swiss Travel Pass and benefit from upto 50% discounted rates. Once you have purchased your Swiss Travel Pass you can add the desired mountain excursions to your shopping cart and pay for all services at one go.